Adult BJJ Classes

Here at Breakthrough Brazilian Jiu Jitsu we emphasize physical and mental growth and development while learning the art of Jiu Jitsu. We focus on bringing clear and effective instruction that caters to more than one learning style.

Gi Classes 

Our Gi classes (also referred to as a kimono) are focused on learning the main positions in jiu jitsu, and gaining an understanding of how to use these positions to your advantage and effectively submit your opponent, as well as how to deal with these positions and submissions when they are used against you. We teach how these positions come into play in self defence situations as well as a competition setting.

No Gi Classes

This class focuses on Jiu Jitsu without a Gi (or Kimono) on. The positions are generally the same across Jiu Jitsu, but in this class we go over how positions can change when no grips from the Gi are available. It is often more fast paced and includes other grappling art techniques such as wrestling integrated into the training.

Open Mat

In open mat training classes there is no instruction, and it allows students to focus on anything that they choose, such as current techniques that we have been going over or any other things that they would like to drill or explore. Instructors are there for any questions or guidance needed.